Goddess Portraits



When Keri Lynn came to me looking for a goddess portrait, she was wanting to feel more self love and acceptance for the totality of her. I'm so proud of her for the ways she has grown since we embarked on this journey of peering into herself and reclaiming what she was gaslit out of owning fully. She is a gorgeous Atlantean mermaid at heart, and she's not letting anyone trick her into believing less about herself.

Her words: "I'm focusing on honoring myself and what I want. Staying clear and not letting anyone else cloud my views or judgement. Feels freeing."

Way to go Keri! You got this. You are unstoppable, unshackled, and incredibly beautiful 🎨🧜‍♀️🌈

If you're interested in being my next goddess portrait client, send me a message and let the self love transformation journey begin!

Portraits 8x12" start at $1000

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