About the Art


My art comes from the moment of the encounter. It's a dynamic between the inner world and the outer, the perception I choose to uphold at any given moment. The exact moment I choose, whether it be a peaceful look I see on someone's face, a flutter in my chest as I feel excitement, a passing by of a pungent and dirty side street, or the agonizing pain of a loved one departing- that moment of encountering the interaction of the senses and emotion is what my art is all about.


Knowing the creative force is like a direct knowing of the creator, or as close to it as we may ever come to understand in this life. Art has always been a way to explore my humanity- through intimate excavation I face the depths of the horrors laying in the far corners of my mind, the effervescent dreamy highs that captivate me and make my heart feel like it will burst forth from my chest from all the love it’s outpouring, and everything in between.


There is courage in the act facing yourself on the page in the fact that you are unable to hide from your truth. Every mark and paint stroke can provide you that feedback about yourself and your inner world. Art making for me is a journey in self discovery, a way to self knowledge. I find that this honesty and truth I share in my art forms extends to those that see my work, and it inspires that inner connection inside of them as well.


Art is inherently a spiritual undertaking, and that’s the main reason I have such passion and zeal for my practice. It began as a therapeutic approach to deal with the frustrations I experienced as a child with many years of family misfortune. I had an emotionally charged household that was highly disruptive and challenging, so I started drawing as a way to cope and process through my own feelings that would otherwise go unexpressed due to the nature of the volatility and my fear of it. It was an escape from the chaos, and a way to engage my imagination in a way that created a sense of safety and peace in my unstable environment.


Years passed, and my health took a turn for the worst. I became very ill, and most of the time was homebound. During that time I had a lot of availability for introspection, and found the fuel for my artistic vision, and deepened my relationship to the internal world. I used art as a way to express the rage and pain that felt so smothering and toxic, as well as the hopes and dreams for a brighter tomorrow. In a weakened state I felt so disempowered, so ineffectual… but my art gave me the means to state myself loud and clear. Art and expression is power, giving a voice to the meek, and strength to the feeble.


I am quite fortunate to have regained my health, and also fortunate to have gained the insights, wisdoms, and awareness that such an experience opened me to. All of it has impacted my art in a multitude of ways, from my interests in cosmology, nature, holistic health, meditation & spirituality, and other “big picture” concepts of the world, to the way I think and relate to myself, circumstances and people in my life, as well as the relationship I have with my future and the confidence I have in my ability to use my skills and ideas in a contributive way.