"Ecstasy" - Luxury Limited Edition - Hand Enhanced Giclée Print

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Hand Enhanced - Limited Edition - 48" x 48"

Gallery wrapped canvas with museum-quality matte black frame 

A limited run of original sized 2011 Ecstasy Painting

"No matter what you've been through.
No matter what you're going through.
There is a place inside of you,
That can face anything.
That can surmount any obstacles in sight.
This place has many names.
But it is known to me in these phrases:
Phoenix Rising from the Ashes.
Joy out of sorrow.
Love over fear.
Triumph in spite of the odds.
The unbroken soul.
Living beyond the fear of death.
Do you know this feeling too?
This painting is for those who Rise,
those who want to Rise. Those who know they will Rise.
From whatever they've been through.
From whatever they've faced."


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