Step into my world, where sacred femininity roams free

You might not consider yourself a “collector” in the traditional sense, but you do consider yourself an art lover. You believe in the slow pleasure of beauty, and that enhancing your environment enhances your life.

And while you appreciate all kinds of creative expression, the art you’re most drawn to is evocative and colorful, and displays attention to detail, dedication to craft and a reverence for the natural world.

You want art that makes you feel connected to the cosmos and the earth, reminding you of your unique spiritual nature, your innate worth and beauty

Hi, I’m Katerina Marie Edwards, and that’s the kind of art I create, lovingly, one brushstroke at a time.

I infuse every work with loving intentions for myself and the viewer.

& I work traditionally and contemporarily with pencil, acrylics, and oils. I love realism and detail as well as juicy wild abstract brush strokes.


My favorite subjects are empowered women and elemental nature.

I offer goddess portrait commissions, original art paintings, luxury limited edition gicleés, canvas prints, framed paper prints.

Welcome to my online home. I invite you to come in and kick your shoes off, and really stop to embrace the slow pleasure of art and beauty from an artist that also truly cares about your well-being. I hope you breathe in the feminine healing & meditative relief my art is meant to inspire!